• The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading international organisation working with migrants and governments to provide a humane response to migration challenges.

Established in 1951 as an intergovernmental organisation to resettle European displaced persons, refugees and migrants, IOM has grown to encompass a variety of migration management activities throughout the world. While not part of the United Nations (UN) system, IOM maintains close working relations with UN bodies and operational agencies. IOM has partnership with a wide range of international and non-governmental organisations.
IOM Kosovo has been among the three largest Missions worldwide since its inception in June 1999. IOM Kosovo joined the efforts of the international community to invest in a durable peace process and assist the population in rebuilding their lives and working for the future. IOM’s strategy, consistent with that of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), had to go beyond short-term reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts, which were an indispensable part of the initial response to the crisis. This required a broader and far-reaching vision and implied a responsibility to support longer-term development programmes as the return and reintegration process cannot be separated from decisive socio-economic factors such as social services, employment opportunities, civil society development and the rule of law.

From the emergency of 1999 to date, IOM has not only followed the events on the ground, but also has proactively worked with donor governments and other partners to ensure that the needs of the people of Kosovo have been met and will continue to be. This is possible thanks to the donor community, the UNMIK administration, the UN agencies, the European Union and its Agency as well as the NGO community, but particularly to the people of Kosovo and its institutions’ trust in IOM.
Welcome to the IOM Mission in Kosovo web site.
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Welcome to the IOM Mission in Kosovo web site.
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European Commission Liaison Office Awards IOM with 5 Million Euro Grant in Support of Economic Growth and Overcoming Social Difficulties in Kosovo

    European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo has signed a five million EUR grant agreement with IOM for the implementation of the European Commission funded Project entitled “Beautiful Kosovo”. This 30 month project will be implemented in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). The project aims at fostering economic development and reducing poverty in selected municipalities by enhancing economic opportunities for Kosovo’s population, especially marginalized groups. The project will seek to support short and medium-term job opportunities for selected beneficiaries within identified Local Public Companies (LPCs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 
This undertaking will enhance the skills of unemployed and marginalized groups through vocational education and trainings as well as improve urban infrastructure through the implementation of public works projects. Despite the substantial assistance from the European Union and other donors in efforts to support economic recovery, the unemployment rate in  Kosovo remains the highest in the Balkans and in Europe at around 43%  during the 2009. With a very young population, Kosovo’s labour market is strained each year by the entrance of thousands of young people into the labour market. Emphasizing the importance of this European Commission Liaison Office initiative, IOM Kosovo Chief of Mission Jorge Baca Vaughan particularly  highlights investment in economic growth and employment as a critical component for overcoming social difficulties. Baca stated that: “Its time to invest in the future of the communities and this project as well as current IOM Kosovo ongoing EU Community Stabilization Programme implemented, have the means to rapidly and effectively stimulate the economic empowerment of marginalized groups in Kosovo.”

U.S. Embassy in Skopje Selects IOM Kosovo for  the Administration of Immigration Health Assessment for Kosovo citizens
Pristina,March, 2011.
Built on years of strong cooperation commenced in 2000, the United States Embassy in Skopje has selected IOM Kosovo Medical Unit to administer the immigration health assessment services to Kosovar citizens, applying for the United States immigration visa.
Referring to IOM Kosovo Medical Unit previous years statistical information as well as estimated indications of U.S. Embassy, it is expected that yearly  around 700 Kosovars applicants will seek immigration health assessment services.
This health assessments will enable citizens from Kosovo to obtain requested medical clearance in Kosovo thus diminishing travel expenses. Currently, IOM Kosovo Medical Unit oversees immigration  health assessment  for the countries that has immigration programme, namely Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
Health assessments are valuable in the immigration process promoting positive health behaviors through pre-departure health education and awareness campaigns. Based on IOM data, the overall number of Kosovars applying for immigration visa in these countries including US is about  1000 persons per year. 
This service will be available as of  April 2011.
For more information please contact Dr. Ruhije Beganovic-Hodza at +377 122 387 or Bekim Ajdini at +377 45 322 870         **********

IOM Trains Anti-Trafficking Counterparts on Standard Operating Procedures

  Building on nearly one decade of cooperation in Anti-Trafficking efforts in Kosovo, IOM and the Office for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Mission in Kosovo are launching this week a joint project aimed at improving the knowledge and use of new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for victims of trafficking.
The project consists of targeted trainings on identification and referral mechanisms, amongst the anti-trafficking partners in Kosovo, including the Anti-Trafficking Unit of the Kosovo Police, local shelter organizations, and representatives of the Ministries of Health and Justice.
Training is based on material from the Kosovar Anti-Trafficking Action Plan and Strategy 2008-2011, designed to increase awareness among government and civil society counterparts, on the recently adopted Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and minimum standards of care for assistance to Victims of Trafficking (VoTs).
IOM and OSCE actively participated in developing the Action Plan and Strategy which is now in its third year of implementation. The project is funded by the OSCE and will be implemented in close cooperation with the Kosovo Government. IOM will organize and conduct the training aspects of the project while the OSCE will be responsible for production of the new Standard Operating Procedures and Minimum Standards of Care for Victims of Trafficking in Kosovo documents.
The comprehensive sessions will provide information on procedural steps involved from identification to criminal procedures, as well as the range of services available to VoTs, with a focus on minimum standards of care to be provided in shelters, rehabilitation and assistance, and victims' rights. The training is also intended to improve co-operation between governmental entities including Centers for Social Work, Police, and Municipalities and local anti-trafficking partners such as NGOs and shelter providers.
Initial trainings are scheduled to begin in November, and will be conducted in the Prishtinë/Pristina Region. The project hopes to extend training to anti-trafficking counterparts throughout Kosovo, in 2011.
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